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Anthony Baldino is a composer and sound designer based in LA whose work spans an enormous range of production avenues. The likelihood that you haven't heard his work is nearly impossible with music and sound design in too many trailer campaigns to list. With Prometheus, Interstellar, Ex-Machina, Star Wars: Rogue One and Avengers: Infinity War just to name a few, from there his work ventures to the opposite pole of production with custom sound design based compositions for Dolby Labs mixed in Atmos, beautifully glitched out remixes and continues on to mind bending modular synthesizer performances.



Upcoming shows

September 8th: Human Resources in Los Angeles, CA

October 11th: Coaxial in Los Angeles, CA

December 8th: TBD in Downtown LA


News & Updates


November 8th 2018:
I recently had the chance to talk to my friends at TransAudio Group about my use of ATC monitors while making sounds for the Venom score as well as what lead me to make the music I make today. Check out the interview HERE.

October 5th 2018: Venom is out today! I had a blast doing a ton of synth work, sound design and orchestral mangling for the score! Huge thanks to Ludwig Göransson for having me contribute to the sound of this film!

August 22nd 2018: Full length album coming soon!



by Anthony Baldino